Mother's Day

Send your love: 8 Mother’s Day cards you can order online now

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There’s a card for every mom in here—grandma included!

Mother’s Day is sneaking around the corner, and shopping small isn’t just for finding the perfect gift—you can shop small for a fun Mother’s Day card, too! Discover these fun and original cards from some of our favorite small shops around Seattle.

World’s Best

Courtesy of Flora and Henri

Got the world’s best mom? This adorable mama bear card from Flora and Henri is perfect for her.

Get Punny

Courtesy of Velouria

If your mom loves a good bagel—and a good pun—this adorable lox card from Velouria is perfect for her.

Lookin’ Good

Courtesy of Butter Home

Remind mom how great of a mom she is, and how good she looks with this sweet card from Butter Home.

Vintage Vibe

Courtesy of Laughing Elephant

Thank your mom for the fact you’ve got all your teeth (looking back, it’s a major accomplishment) with this card from Laughing Elephant.


Courtesy of Flora and Henri

Looking for something a little more delicate and classy? This wildflower card from Flora and Henri is just what you need.

Artsy Mama

Courtesy of Butter Home

Modern, chic, and artistic—if any of these words describe your mama, then this sunrise-inspired card from Flora and Henri is her perfect Mother’s Day card.

Cat Mom

Courtesy of Velouria

If she’s not just your mom, but also the mom to an adorable feline, then she’ll love this cat card from Velouria.

For Grandma

Courtesy of Flora and Henri

Don’t forget grandma! This floral card from Flora and Henri is the perfect way to send her a bouquet that will last forever.