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The one-woman tea company making it easy to find high-quality, ethically-sourced teas

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Snapdragon and Thistle brings a love of tea to everyone, down to custom tea bags

Freya Radlein’s goal is to make tea the perfect gift. The English transplant grew up drinking black tea with milk, but it was her wedding that inspired her to lean into tea as a career.

“When I got married in 2016, I wanted to make favors that would represent both myself and my husband, so I made customized tea bags for our guests,” said Freya. “I loved the process and figured that maybe there could be something more to this.”

Now, customized tea bags is a service she offers as a part of her tea shop Snapdragon and Thistle. The shop offers a selection of loose-leaf black, green, oolong, and herbal teas, along with blended teas and special collections. And, of course, eco-friendly tea bags for all those loose-leaf teas.

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While Freya’s shop is mainly online, she’s still found ways to connect with her community in Seattle. “I started getting out into the community last September to sell at local markets,” she says. “Meeting people and chatting about my passion, and often theirs, is something I love. Online businesses are super but you rarely get to see who is behind the website and the type of person they are. Now people care a lot more about where their food and beverages originate, engaging with the community helps convey that authentically, as well as who I am.”

Ethical sourcing was a focus as she got her shop started. “From the beginning, my goal was to source teas ethically from estates whose owners take care of all the staff involved in the tea production process,” she said. It’s no easy feat—while she’s in touch with a number of companies since launching Snapdragon and Thistle, she so far has just one U.S.-based supplier based on those ethical requirements.

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One of her go-to teas comes from one of her ethical international suppliers. “My favorite is the Ceylon “Burning Sun” from the Lumbini Estate in Sri Lanka,” she says. “Naming teas is one of my favorite parts, apart from tasting of course! Many of them I keep the same to honor their origin but I do get creative, particularly the blends.”

Craving more tea in your life? Freya has personally curated three boxes filled with her delicious, high-quality teas, perfect for every time of day. Check them out here!