Small-batch, local hot sauce.

Know someone who’s always looking for more hot sauce? Get them one of these hot sauce gift sets to bring brand-new flavors to their table.

Support a local Seattle store.

We partner with Seattle stores like Ballyhoo Hot Sauce to create these awesome store boxes. The majority of proceeds go to them, and your purchase helps support a local business.

What makes these great?

Anyone who loves a little (or a lot!) of hot sauce will love the flavors of this small-batch hot sauce start-up from Seattle.

I’m always looking for new hot sauces to try, and loved getting these amazing flavors delivered right to my door!

Why we ❤️ it

Know someone who loves to add a little kick to their meals, or loves trying new flavors? These hot sauce gift boxes are a great way to add some fresh flavor to their table.

Here’s what’s amazing about these gift boxes…

  1. These hot sauce gift boxes pack multiple, delicious flavors that anyone who enjoys hot sauce will be excited to try.
  2. Made in small batches by Seattle’s very own hot sauce startup, the flavors are unique and delicious.
  3. Support a local business while giving a hot gift.

The shop

Seattle hot sauce startup Ballyhoo Hot Sauce Co. makes small batches of unique hot sauces, ranging from flavors like habaneros citrus to chipotle cherry.

Our takeaway

These gift boxes are an amazing way to add flavor to any dinner table, from the hot sauce lovers to the newbies looking for hot sauce

Shipping and returns

Shipping with Ballyhoo Hot Sauce Co. is free!