Crazy cool kites for all ages.

There’s a kite for every age from Prism—especially the grown-ups. These sport kites come in a variety of designs and styles that are a blast to fly through the air.

Support a local Seattle store.

We partner with Seattle stores like Prism Kites to create these awesome store boxes. The majority of proceeds go to them, and your purchase helps support a local business.

What makes these great?

Big kids, little kids, and grown-up kids alike will love these gift boxes by Seattle’s Prism Kites, filled with kites that will bring everyone sky-high fun.

These kites were the perfect new hobby, and made it so easy to fall in love with flying kites as an adult!

Why we ❤️ it

Know someone who loves to fly kites, or is always looking for new hobbies to try outdoors? Then these Prism gift boxes are just what they need.

Here’s what’s amazing about these gift boxes…

  1. From newbies looking for fun for the whole family to the sport kite fanatic, there’s a box for every type of kite flyer out there.
  2. Prism’s Kites are simple, easy, and playful, with designs that will light up the sky.
  3. Support a local business while giving a delightful gift.

The shop

Prism Kites started with a couple of friends who loved the wind. The founders got hooked on kites in college, and with a couple of friends founded Prism Designs in a Seattle basement in 1992 to create sport kites for all ages. Now, 25 years later, kites are still their passion and what they do.

Our takeaway

These gift boxes are a great way to bring sky-high levels of fun to any kite lover or family looking for a new activity to do together.

Shipping and returns

Shipping with Prism Kites is free!