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Fiber and textiles naturally dyed using plants, mushrooms, lichen, and things that come from the earth.

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Hello! It's late but what is time anymore but a big 'ol illusion (among other things but keeping it light tonight)! I just updated and uploaded some sweet lil things on the website, like some examples of what colors you can get with your dye seeds (dang coreopsis), some sneaky yarn that snuck past my last update, and all available tea towels, including the new ones, hand sewn by @thatrebelitch from an organic cotton and linen blend fabric💥 . Big thanks to this weirdo partner of mine for holding up the tea towels. In this photo he is telling a story of unearthing a bug from under a pot and I love his excitement bc it matches mine with bug stories 🐛 . Hope you're hanging in there, these are weird times but I'm happy and thankful for plants, my dork partner, and of course you! 🌱 . . . #yarn #naturaldye #naturalcolor #plantdye #plantcolor #naturaldyersofinstagram #dyeseeds #dyegarden #plants #wool #cotton #linen #naturalfibers #shopsmall #shoplocal #seattlemade #seattlemaker #weirdopartner

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