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Dedicated to all natural beekeeping and providing the best hive products around!

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Reduced store front hours. Monday through Saturday 9am-3pm. Closed on Sunday. Or shop online!

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We always like to have a little something up our sleeve, a little WOW factor, a seasonal delight that we hold on to, just to keep the store energized. But in this time of great uncertainty and who knows what the future holds, we have decided to let it all rip at once! Introducing our newest honey, the Foothills Wildflower!!! And our most exotic so far, the Orange Blossom!!! Foothills Wildflower honey was collected late last summer and early fall, a true wildflower honey with notes of thistle, knotweed, and late blooming field clover! It is amber hued and traditional in flavor, sure to become a new pantry staple! The orange blossom was found last spring on @kiwilita trip down south, a floral and perfumed honey from the pollination of orange blossoms. Very limited quantity so grab a gift jar while you can! #thatsgoodhoney #sunnyhoneyco #rawhoney #wildflowerhoney #orangeblossomhoney

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